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What We Believe

The most beneficial relationships between companies and consulting firms occur when they are philosophically “in synch.” That is, their beliefs and values about how to solve business problems, how to interact with each other, and successful engagements are the same. So what are Enthiosys’ beliefs and values?

What does ‘Enthiosys’ mean?

Enthiosys comes from the Greek word enthios, which means “motivated by the spirit within.” This reflects the now-central role of product managers in the software process. The product management role includes ensuring that all of an organization’s internal “moving parts” work together, combining the demand side (marketing, market research, pricing, licensing and sales) with the supply side (product design, engineering, development). Product managers have become the central motivating force within software companies.

Our own people are driven by the same set of underlying values – the same set of internal motivators. Five core beliefs drive us at Enthiosys:

  • Transferring our agile product management knowledge and skills to you and your staff. When you hire us, you not only get our advice. We teach you how to do what we’ve learned over many years. We believe that companies selling expertise (especially consulting firms) must not only help solve the problem at hand, but also equip their clients to be successful on their own.
  • Software product management is hard. In the short history of the software industry, creating a successful software product and keeping it ahead of the competition have never been easy. And Agile make this even harder. Our belief that software product management is difficult drives us to continually improve our methods. It also motivates us to bring only the most highly talented and experienced people onto our team.
  • Innovative software products are based on deep customer understanding. The source of software innovation is identifying big customer needs, which even customers can not always articulate. This requires very specialized qualitative market research techniques. Software allows people and organizations to do things that were previously not possible. Thus, merely asking a customer what he needs from some software is often not very effective. Our market research techniques, including Innovation Games®, draw on deep principles of cognitive psychology and organizational behavior to generate ideas that are difficult to tap through traditional market research methods.
  • Agile product management practices create unique opportunities. We know from experience that when software companies (and firms embedding software into their products) competently use Agile product management techniques, great things happen. New products come to market much faster. Customers are truly captivated by the software (or the product/service embedding that software). Pricing and licensing models make a great deal of sense to both customers and vendors. Subsequent releases arrive rapidly and with the features customers want. The product is a huge customer success – and a financial success.
  • Honesty, integrity, transparency, community and family are very important. We place honesty and integrity on a pedestal – even when telling clients the truth puts our work at risk. There is absolutely no value to our clients in getting advice that is watered down (to not offend someone) or doesn’t address their core problems. In addition to being straight with our clients, we value our own communities and our families. We don’t ask employees or affiliates to choose between work and family. We know that people with happy families bring more of themselves to our workplace and clients.

Each year, we bring Enthiosys clients and friends together for Customer Appreciation Day. This is our opportunity to thank everyone for their support, collaboratively design the future, and share our good fortune.