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Agile Transformation

Agile TransformationFor more than a decade, the software industry has been adopting Agile development techniques. Most companies are still in the early stages, working through the organizational, process and cultural challenges that come with change. A successful transformation can take years, even with senior level management commitment and support. Therefore, an Agile transformation process requires thoughtful planning and a pragmatic approach. This starts with an understanding of the company’s business goals and includes aspects of organizational design, training & education, skills development (both hard and soft), and a measurement program to track progress.

Traditionally, technology companies have separated the product development process from the marketing, selling & delivery process. This separation creates a “hand-off” which disconnects functional groups, squanders opportunities for true enterprise collaboration and whole-product thinking, wastes time, and delays the capture of customer value. Companies can boost Business Agility by forming cross-functional teams, focusing on complete customer solutions and getting the entire company pulsing to an Agile heartbeat. Over time, companies can condition their markets to accept products faster and recognize business value more quickly.

agile transformation triad

We use the diagram at right to help our clients think through the transformation process. It gives us a holistic and structured approach to framing goals, applying Agile values, principles and practices. While we see companies focusing primarily on changes within their development organizations, our expertise in Agile Product Management drives us to involve all of the key organizations that deliver value to customers: marketing, sales, services and support, legal, finance and operations.

As long-standing participants in the Agile community, Enthiosys brings a unique set of skills and experiences to help shepherd our clients through the Agile transformation process. We help you focused on creating and capturing business value for your company and your customers.

Engagement Models and Deliverables

Achieving Business Agility requires a long-term, thoughtful and measured approach. We believe that an Agile project management approach should be applied to the transformation process. Specifically, we encourage our clients to make small initial investments, gather information, achieve meaningful milestones and continually inspect/adapt along the way.

Therefore, we’ve created three distinct consulting engagements that can be applied individually or as a set. For companies just starting their journey toward Business Agility, we recommend assessing the current situation first, creating business goals and priorities. For companies who already adopting Agile, we may recommend basic education, pilots, or a broader move to enterprise-wide transformation.

  • Assess. We evaluate your organization, situation and identify perceived problems. What’s working and what needs to be changed? This might include online surveys and in-person stakeholder interviews to identify key issues. Executive involvement is essential. A comprehensive report follows with analysis and recommended strategies tailored to your company.
  • Pilot. Often as an extension of an assessment, Enthiosys selects and plans pilot projects where a few teams “go Agile.” This typically includes establishing pilot goals, timelines, metrics, communication plans and tools coordination. We train each team, assist with Agile product planning, project management and mentor these pioneers through several iterations. Retrospective are a critical part of every pilot, not only to improve each team’s practice but also to improve the pilot process itself. By taking time to pause and adjust, we can take advantage of the most current information to help executives make solid “go forward” decisions.
  • Transform. Applying lessons from assessments and pilot groups, Enthiosys helps define a roll-out strategy for business agility throughout the organization. This might include creating a program office, implementing comprehensive training, changing organizational structures, adjusting product portfolio plans, and determining key metrics for business agility. Engagements typically run for several quarters, drawing on a team of Enthiosys experts to address all aspects of the transformation process. Ultimately, our success is measured by your ability to own the transformation process and realize your business agility goals.

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