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About Us

Enthiosys is a management consulting and training firm that brings business agility to software companies and firms embedding software into their products. As the leading authority on agile product management, we help these companies plan, design, build and manage their products throughout their lifecycle.

We work collaboratively with our clients to gain crucial insights on customer needs, translate them into superior products, and make other key changes to their product management process. Our approach ensures that your people, products and processes generate sustainable results after we’re gone.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 multinationals to technology start-ups, including: software companies such as SAP, Hewlett Packard, VeriSign, Yahoo!, Trend Micro, Rally Development and Aladdin Knowledge Systems, and companies embedding software into their products to add features and profitability, such as Qualcomm, Emerson Electric and Wyse. Forrester considers us thought leaders.

Enthiosys offers a mix of consulting, market research, training and interim management services including:

  • Continuous customer collaboration to understand complex markets and provide input throughout the development process. We identify critical needs of software customers through a variety of market research methods, often surfacing previously unstated needs. Our leading research technique – Innovation Games® – brings together customers with product management, marketering, engineering, support and other key personnel. Our clients get direct feedback and ideas from their customers (not filtered by third party market researchers), uncovering insights unlikely to found in surveys, focus group interviews or other traditional market research methods.
  • Agile transformation to help your company achieve the benefits of Business Agility. This includes working through the organizational, process and cultural challenges that come with change. An Agile transformation process requires thoughtful planning and a pragmatic approach – starting with an understanding of the company’s business goals – and includes organizational design, training, education, skills development, and metrics to track progress.
  • Pricing, licensing and creation of business models to capture the full value of your solutions. Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis with our deep software expertise, we help clients maximize the lifetime revenue and profits of each product. Careful business model planning often leads to selective price increases that highlight a product’s value to customers.
  • Roadmapping for individual products, portfolios, and for scenario planning. Roadmaps help shape and sequence software architecture, market segment choices, features and release strategies. They provide the missing bridge between strategy and execution, and between technology and markets. Our market-driven roadmaps help software companies synchronize the work of the commercial (marketing, sales, support, service) and engineering (software architecture, development, maintenance) sides of their house.
  • Service design to improve the customer experience while creating additional revenue opportunities. Customers want, and will pay for, comprehensive solutions that enable them to realize the full benefits of what they buy. The most compelling solutions mix tangible and intangible elements – software and hardware and services and knowledge – into a comprehensive offering. This makes service design an important part of Business Agility. By wrapping software and services into whole-product solutions, we let customers uncover the business value of our products faster.
  • Training, coaching and interim executives. We not only provide agile product management skills – we teach your managers to master them. In every consulting project, we strive to transfer our agile product management skills to our clients, creating permanent improvement. Product teams tell us that we not only boost the success of their companies, but also their personal careers. Where needed, we provide full-time product managers and executives to build organizations and implement change, then “grow” ourselves out of these interim roles as quickly.

Enthiosys is based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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